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Saturday, 8 June 2013

PTU Tutorial - All American Girl

This tutorial was written by me on 8th June 2013 any resemblance to other tutorials 
is a coincidence.
crapkit called Good Day by Jenny's Designz you can buy it here.
Tube of choice. I used the gorgeous art of  Alex Prihodko.
You must have a license to use this tube. You can purchase it here.
Mask of choice. I used Becky_Mask038 
Font Variex

*Lets Get Started*
Open a new canvas 650x650
Selections - Select All.
Copy paper1 - Paste Into Selection.
Selections - Select None
Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image.
Find your mask in the dropdown menu.
Layers - Merge - Merge Group.
Copy frame3 - Paste As New Layer.
Effects - 3D Effects - Drop Shadow
Magic Wand Tool - click inside the frame.
Selections - Modify - Expand 10.
New Raster Layer .
Copy paper9 - Paste Into Selection.
Layers - Arrange  Move Down.
Copy your tube - Paste As New Layer.
Place where you think it looks best.
(If you want the tube to look as if it's coming out of the frame follow these steps, 
if not move on to the next step.)
Layers - Duplicate.
Hide the duplicate tube for now.
Selections - Invert.
Press the small delete key on your keyboard.(make sure your on the tube layer)
Now unhide the duplicate tube.
Layers arrange - Bring to Top.
Eraser tool - erase the bottom of the tube.
Should now look like your tube is coming out of the frame.
You can add any elements you like from this point.
I used
Layers - Merge - Merge Visible.
Resize - Add your copyright & Your Name.
Save as png or JPEG.


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