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Monday, 17 February 2014

FTU Tutorial - Gothic Princess

This tutorial was written by me on 17th of February 2014 any resemblance to other tutorials is a coincidence.
Scrapkit Gothic Princess by StacieCakes here.
Tube is an exclusive by Lady Miska here.
Mask Vix-Val2012Mask2 here.
Font Jellyka Delicious Cake.

*Lets Get Started*
File - New Image 650x650
Selections - Select All.
Copy SC_GP_P1 - Paste - Paste Into Selection.
Selections - Select None.
Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image.
Layers - Merge - Merge Group.

Copy SC_GP_E17 - Paste - Paste As New Image.
Image - Resize 80%.

Magic Wand - click inside the frame.
Selections - Modify - Expand 5.
Copy SC_GP_P3 - Paste - Paste As New Layer.
Selections - Invert.
Press the small delete key on your keyboard.
Layers - Arrange - Move Down.
Selections - Invert.

Copy your tube - resize to liking (I resized 70%) - Paste - Paste As New Layer.
Move to where you want it inside the frame.
Selections - Promote Selection to Layer.
Selections - Select None.
Layers - Arrange - Move Up.

Click on the Full tube layer.
Layers - Arrange - Move Up.

Eraser Tool - remove any of the tube outside of the frame.

 SC_GP_E8 50%.
SC_GP_E5 40%.
SC_GP_E11  40%.
SC_GP_E14 30%.
Copy SC_GP_E22 
SC_GP_E3 50% - Rotate 20 degrees right.
SC_GP_E21 40%

Add copyright & name.
Save as png,


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