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Sunday, 21 April 2013

PTU Tutorial - Soft Dreams

This tutorial was written by me on 21st April 2013 any resemblance to other tutorials is a coincidence.
Scrapkit is a gorgeous PTU kit called Soft Dreams by Chichi.
Tube of choice - I'm using the gorgeous Sexy Alice by Ellie Milk. You must have  licence to use this tube. You can purchase it at PFD.
Font International Palms.
*Lets Get Started*
Open a new canvas 650x650
Copy Frame2_CD_SoftDreamsTS - Paste As New Layer.
Image - Resize 90% smartsize.
Move down the canvas a bit.
Activate the Magic Wand Tool - Selections - Modify - Expand - 5
Selections - Invert 
Copy a paper of choice ( I used Paper21_CD_SoftDreamsTS) - Paste As New Layer
Press the small delete key on your keyboard.
Selections - Select None.
Layers Arrange  Move Down.

Activate the frame layer.
Copy Flowers_CD_SoftDreamsTS - Paste As New Layer.
Move down so it's sitting at the bottom of the frame.

Copy Balloons_CD_SoftDreamsTS - Paste As New Layer.
Move to the right of the frame.
Layers - Arrange - Move Down.
Erase any of the strings visible beneath the flowers.

Copy Element1_CD_SoftDreamsTS - Paste As New Layer.
Image - Resize 70% smartsize.
Move to the top left of the frame.

Copy Branches_CD_SoftDreamsTS - Paste As New Layer.
Layers - Arrange - Send to bottom.
Move around until it's somewhere you like.

Copy Butterflies_CD_SoftDreamsTS - Paste as New layer.
Move to the left of the frame.
I erased some of the butterflies to make it look neater but that's up to you.
Image - Duplicate - Image - Mirror. 

Add any drop shadow you like to the frame and elements.

Add your tube.
If your using the same tube as me I resized by 40% then 80%.
Layers - Duplicate.
Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur 3.
Change the Blend mode to Soft Light.
Layers - Merge - Merge Down.

If you want to make it look like she's sitting inside the frame follow these steps.
Duplicate your tube - Close off the original for now.
Move the duplicate tube down so that it is above the background layer.
Activate the background layer.
Selections - Select All - Float - Defloat.
Selections - Invert.
Press delete on your keyboard.
Selections - Select None.

Activate the original tube layer.
Eraser tool - erase the bottom of the tube.
Voilà - it should now looks like she is sitting in the frame.

I also added Sparkles2_CD_SoftDreamsTS but that's up to you.

Add your name & copyright.
Save tag as png.


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