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Thursday, 30 January 2014

PTU Tutorial - MonChéri D'Amour

This tutorial was written by me on 30th of January 2014 any resemblance to other tutorials is a coincidence.

Tube of choice I am using a beautiful tube by Spazz
do not use this tube without a proper license.
Gorgeous scrapkit by Dee called MonChériD'Amour 
you can find out where to purchase the kit on her blog here.
Vix_BigMask001 here.
Font Billion Stars.
*Lets Get Started*
File - New - New Image.
Selections - Select All - Float.
Copy Paper_4 - Paste Into Selection.
Layers - New Mask layer - From Image.
Find the mask in the drop down box. 
Layers - Merge - Merge Group.

Copy Element_19 - Paste As New Layer.
Image - Resize 80%.

Copy Frame_2 - Image - Resize 75%
Move to the right a small bit.
Layers - Duplicate.
Image - Mirror.

Copy Frame_9 - Paste As New Layer.
Image - Resize 75%
Magic Wand - Click inside the frame.
Selections - Modify - Expand 5.
Copy - Paper_14 - Paste As New Layer.
Selections - Promote Selection to Layer.
Layers - Arrange - Move Down.

Copy tube of choice - Paste As New Layer.
Resize & place where you think it looks best.
Selections - Promote Selection to Layer.
Selections - Select None.
Move the full tube layer (not the promoted selection) to the top of your layers.
Eraser Tool - Erase any parts of the tube outside the frame (apart from her head).
Should look like she is now coming out of the frame.

Copy Element_91 - Paste As New Layer.
Image - Resize 50%.
Move to top left of frame (see my tag for reference) 

Copy Element_97 - Paste As New Layer.
Image - Resize 90% - Move to bottom of frame.

Copy Element_10b - Paste As New Layer.
Image - Resize 60% - move to bottom left of frame.
Layers - Duplicate.
Image - Mirror.

Copy Element_3 - Paste As New Layer.
Layers - Duplicate.
Image - Mirror.
Layers - Duplicate - Move to centre of frame.

Add your copyright & name.

Layers - Merge - Merge Visible.

Save as png.

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