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Monday, 13 February 2012

FTU Tutorial - I'll keep you warm

Tube of choice - I'm using Ismael Rac you must have a licence to use his work.
Scrap paper of choice. The paper I used was from an old FTU kit I had. When I looked on the site I got the kit from so I could link to it I couldn't find it. I emailed the maker of the kit Soto. She kindly agreed to put the paper on her site so I could link to it. In fact she so nice she even made a small mini kit including the paper for you to download - how sweet is that you can download it from Twisted Scrapper
Font of choice I used Wild Script and Will & Grace

*Lets Get Started*
New Canvas 594 x 194
Open Paper 20 SotoCreations from the kit - resize 20%.
Copy & paste to your canvas. Move it about till you have what you want showing on the canvas.
Preset Shape Tool - retangle - draw a white rectangle 600 x 65 - Objects - Align - center in canvas.
Layers - Convert to Raster layer and change the blend mode to Soft Light.
In a font of choice I used Will&Grace - type out I'll keep your warm this winter or something to suit whatever tube your using. Move to the top of the tag - duplicate - move the duplicated text to the bottom of the tag.
Copy and paste your tube on the canvas and move to the right of the canvas or wherever you think looks best.
Duplicate tube layer.
On the duplicated layer - Adjust - Gaussian Blur 3 - Change the blend mode to Multiply and lower the opacity to 52
Layers - merge - merge all flatten.
Image add borders

Image add borders again

One last time Image add borders

Add your copyright - your name - merge all flatten and save a JPEG
New canvas 146 x 146
Copy and paste you whole tag onto the avatar canvas.
Image - mirror and move it around until you have something you like showing.
Layers - merge - merge all flatten.
Image add borders same as you did for the tag.
Add your copyright - name and save as JPEG.


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